Santa Rosa (NE) Water District is a Government-Owned Controlled Corporation (GOCC) and is an autonomous unit politically and economically independent from the local government. The Board of Directors formulates the policies, rules and regulations of the water district. Management of the operation of the water district is handled by the General Manager who is appointed by the Board of Directors.

As of May 2023, the district has a total of 13,957 service connections operating 24 hours a day. Through the hard-work and dedication of its personnel, SRWD was able to withstand the hardships and challenges of times and was able to make use of its resources in order to achieve its goal and objectives in giving the best water service to the people of Santa Rosa. 

Board of Directors

Fernando M. Espino Jr.
Luz S. Tuazon Melinda V. Roque Dr. Vincent A. Marcelo Christopher G. Faller
Vice-Chairperson Member Member Member


Engr. Joel Felix H. Bernardo
General Manager
Victoria N. Mariano Josephine Lyn F. Sanqui Orlando P. Castro Julius Caesar M. Badilla
Division Manager
Finance and Commercial
Division Manager
Administrative Services
Division Manager
Division Manager
Engineering and Maintenance